Shlomik Silbiger

A test geek, writer, and engineer.

Shlomik Silbiger

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Hi, I am Shlomik, a test geek, a writer in heart and an engineer in mind. I’ve been working in the pre-employment test prep industry since 2017 and have embarked on my self-employment journey in 2023.

Mission Statement

I see every test as a problem to be solved.

My purpose is to help anyone ahead of a pre-employment test, no matter how small or niche, to get the best, most accurate information and prep.

My Story

After 5 years of writing, managing, and marketing others’ test-related content, I decided to focus on what I love and what I believe ACTUALLY helps people – good, reliable, and unique content about their tests. You can read more about my commitment to content and my readers on the About page.

Over the years, I have acquired specific expertise in graduate-related pre-employment tests. I have consulted universities such as Oxford (Article 1 and Article 2) and QMUL and helped their students with assessments used to screen for early careers such as Pymetrics and Watson Glaser.

I am always open to hearing your questions and helping you with your tests. Contact me personally for a guaranteed response within up to 24 hours.

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