The Emirates English Test – A Complete Overview for 2024

A 30-questions English sentence completion test for Emirates’ flight attendant candidates.

The Emirates English Test aims to assess the English level of candidates for flight attendant jobs.

You are mainly tested on your ability to hold a fluent, proper conversation with passengers. Therefore, the main focus is on completing sentences with words relevant for your job as a flight attendant.

In this following guide we will give you everything you need to know about the test, including a free sample test, tips for success, and a tailored prep course.

We will also briefly cover the Emirates Video Interview that follows the test.

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Basic Details

30 questions
30 sec. per question
Verbal reasoning

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What Is the Emirates English Test?

The Emirates English Test (referred to by the company as the Emirates Online English Test Assessment) is a brief, 30-questions multiple-choice English test administered by HireVue.

It is the first of two assessments you will be required to take, followed by the Emirates HireVue Interview (read more about the video interview).

The Emirates English Test is used to screen flight attendants and ground attendants. If you are applying for a management position with Emirates, you will take the Saville Assessment.

Test Structure and Question Format

The Emirates English Test is comprised of 30 multiple-choice questions with 4 optional answers each.

All questions are “fill in the missing word” questions.

Here’s an example:

Emirates English Test Sample Question

This suitcase weighs 24 kilograms, which is above the allowed weight of 20 kilograms. Unfortunately, you will be charged the ________ fee.

  1. luggage
  2. minimal
  3. overweight
  4. no

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is C – overweight.

  • Answer A may be correct as a general term (“luggage fee”) but is irrelevant in the context of the sentence. If the passenger is required to pay a general luggage fee, there is no need to mention the weight of the suitcase.
  • Answer B is also in the wrong context, both because the sentence mentions the suitcase’s weight, and due to the word “Unfortunately”.
  • Answer D is grammatically incorrect.
  • Answer C is the only one that is both grammatically correct and matches the context of the sentence.

In the Free Practice section you will find 5 additional sample questions and answers.

Special Test Features

Below are 4 special features of the Emirates English Test. Read more about the test specifics in the Test Interface section.

#1 – Questions Are Related to the Job

The missing words on the test questions will usually be related to your future job as a flight attendant.

Examples are:

  • Seats-related: vacant, occupied, reserved, etc.
  • Luggage-related: carry on, overweight, appliance, etc.
  • Prepositions: under maintenance, in advance, arrive at, etc.

#2 – Time Limit per Question

Unlike most verbal aptitude tests, the Emirates English Test sets a time limit for every question separately.

Although Emirate does not say so, as someone familiar with these tests, that is a strong indication that your speed dramatically affects your score.

#3 – Words Aren’t Tricky

You will not see esoteric words such as ubiquitous, vicarious, or baleful.

You are assessed on your ability to hold a fluent conversation with passengers using relevant terminology.

#4 – Combines Vocabulary, Grammar, and Context

As I mentioned before, the questions on the test are normally given in the context of the flight attendant’s job.

But there’s more to it.

The Emirates English Test does not only require you to have a broad enough vocabulary to match word and meaning, but also to understand the context of a sentence and to pick the missing word accordingly.

Here’s one last example to show you what I mean:

Since this passenger was attempting to transport ________ items on his handbag such as a hairspray, lithium batteries, and baby powder, he had to be taken off the aircraft.

  1. expensive
  2. restricted
  3. some
  4. toxic

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B – restricted.

While all answers are grammatically correct, and even, to some degree, are also correct in context, the three provided items are neither expensive (A) nor toxic (D).

Answer C is partly correct in context. The passenger did try to transport some items, but that does not justify taking him off the aircraft.

The only answer which fully matches the context of the sentence is B – restricted.

Emirates English Test Preparation

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What Do You Get?

  • 3 online practice tests (90 questions total).
  • Each test resembles the real Emirates Test content, sturcture, and format.
  • Answers and explanations to all questions.
  • Emirates English Test Quick Dictionary (85 words).
  • 30-day access.

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Emirates Practice Test Sample

Or get more details on the Preparation section.

What Does the Emirates English Test Measure?

The Emirates Online English Assessment measures your English vocabulary, grammar, and verbal reasoning. You are also assessed on your thinking speed, as each question gets its own measured time.

Emirates English Test Interface

Here’s how the test interface will generally look like:

Emirates English Test Interface

  • You will be required to complete the test in one sitting.
  • Unlike most tests, the time limit is per question (mostly 30 seconds), and not for the overall assessment.
  • As you can see, you are unable to navigate between questions.
  • One word missing.
  • 4 answer options, only one is correct.

Emirates English Test Free Practice

Here is a free, 5-question Emirates English Test sample. Questions will increase in difficulty.

You are expected to solve this test in no more than 2.5 minutes but try to do it as fast as you can. For more practice, check out our Preparation Course.

Good luck!

Question 1

I apologize, but this seat is _______ for people with disabilities.

  1. reserved
  2. prohibited
  3. obese
  4. aware

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A – reserved.

Answers C (obese) and D (aware) do not fit the context of the sentence at all. Obese is used to describe an overweight person.

Answer B does not make sense in the context of the sentence – a seat that is prohibited for someone with disabilities may be considered discriminatory. A word like “unsuitable” could be used to indicate that this particular seat does not accommodate to the needs of people with disabilities.

Question 2

Please close the _______ luggage compartment carefully, so it does not open during flight and luggage may fall on passengers’ heads. It may be dangerous.

  1. baggage
  2. open
  3. overhead
  4. this

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is C – overhead.

Answers A (baggage) and D (this) are grammatically incorrect. While answer option B (open) is correct grammatically and in context, it is unrelated to the second part of the sentence. If luggage may fall on passengers’ heads if the compartment is opened during flight, that indicates that it is above their heads – namely, overhead.

Question 3

This bar offers an impressive collection of _______.

  1. images
  2. aspects
  3. tools
  4. beverages

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D – beverages.

Answers A (images), B (aspects), and C (tools) are wrong in the context of a bar.

Question 4

Miss, you asked me to notify you when the toilet is _______, so, now it is, and you may use it.

  1. preoccupied
  2. vacant
  3. dirty
  4. malfunctioning

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B – vacant.

While all other three answers are grammatically correct, none of them would justify informing another person. Answers A (preoccupied) and D (malfunctioning) also conflict with the second part of the sentence (you may use it).

Question 5

Smoking during the flight is prohibited, including in the _______.

  1. aircraft
  2. forbidden
  3. afternoon
  4. lavatory

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D – lavatory.

Answer B (forbidden) is grammatically incorrect.

Answer C does not make sense – there should be no difference in smoking regulations during specific times of the day.

Answer A is wrong in the context of using the word “including” – as the aircraft is the entire environment during flight, so it forms a redundant detail.

Lavatory (toilet) are a part of the aircraft, which makes sense to treat is with the word “including”.

Emirates English Test Preparation Course

The only tailored preparation for the Emirates English Test.

What Do You Get?

  • 3 online practice tests (90 questions total).
  • Each test resembles the real Emirates Test content, sturcture, and format.
  • Answers and explanations to all questions.
  • Emirates English Test Quick Dictionary (85 words).
  • 30-day access.

The preparation is conducted on third-party website ClassMarker.

Emirates Practice Test Sample

Or get more details on the Preparation section.

Emirates English Test Preparation Course

What Does the Preparation Include?

The Emirates English Test Preparation includes:

3 Interactive Practice Tests

  • Focus on job-related vocabulary, similar to the Emirates test.
  • Match the actual test in terms of questions (30), time (15 minutes) and format.
  • Taken on the third-party website Classmarker, a trusted testing platform for over 15 years.

Emirates Practice Test Sample

Detailed Feedback to All Questions

  • Review your answers after the test.
  • Learn and memorize vocabulary + Pro English Tips.
  • Score reports emailed to you.

Feedback Explanation Example

Emirates English Test Quick Dictionary

  • A printable PDF with 85 words for the test + explanations and examples.

PDF Dictionary Sample

Easy Access and Affordable Price

  • 30-days access to all prep material.
  • Affordable – only $19.90.
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How Does This Work?

Getting access to the prep course is easy and simple and takes 4 steps only:

Step 1 – Register

Enter your email and choose a password.

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Then, enter your first and last name.

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Step 2 – Pay

A popup will appear, in which you will pay the tuition fee. You can pay via PayPal, credit, or debit card.

Step 3 – Practice

After payment, you will gain immediate access to the practice tests. By default, you will be directed to the first practice test, but will be able to access other tests or guides via links.

Please note that to prevent misuse, you may access each test no more than 10 times.

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Emirates practice test instructions screen

Step 4 – Practice Again (If You Wish)

The course will be available to you for 30 days. To access it, simply visit our webpage again and click any of the “Start Preparing Now” buttons, and you will be redirected to Step 1 (Register).


Start Preparing Now


By entering your email and password, the system will identify that you are a paying customer and will grant you direct access to the course. The word “Start” on the top will change to “Resume”.

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Are the Practice Tests Identical to the Real Emirates Test?

No prep course will ever provide you the EXACT same test you will be taking. It is both impossible and illegal.

However, the practice tests focus on vocabulary that, from our experience, normally appear on the actual test.

How Many Times Can I Take the Tests?

You may take each test up to 10 times.

For How Long May I Access the Course?

The course is available for 30 days from purchase.

What Is the Purpose of the Quick Dictionary?

The quick dictionary summarizes all the words on the practice tests with descriptions and examples. This helps you better memorize the relevant words before the test.

I Have Another Question.

You may contact us at We usually respond within several hours.

What Is the Emirates Video Interview?

The Emirates Video Interview is an online video interview, provided by HireVue. It will immediately follow the Emirates English Test. It requires a webcam and a microphone.

The interview normally contains 3 questions and takes around 10-15 minutes. You will be asked about job-related experiences from your past and will record your answers.

Example questions may be:

  • Describe a situation where you needed to instill motivation in team members. How did you do it?
  • Tell us about a time when you had to calm down an upset customer.
  • Describe a situation where you resolved conflict in the workplace.

Video Interview Interface

Here’s an example on how the main interview screen looks like:

Emirates Video Interview Interface

  • For each question, you will have one minute to prepare and up to 3 minutes to record your answer.
  • You will have no more than 2 attempts to respond.
  • If you take the second attempt, your first attempt will not be saved.

How to Best Prepare?

Here are two tips for preparing for the Emirates HireVue Video Interview:

  • Make a list of situations at past jobs that exemplify your abilities. Write them down. It’s super stressful to come up with something from the top of your head with the clock ticking 60 seconds.
  • Focus on experiences that emphasize traits like agreeableness, teamwork, customer service, and other traits a flight attendant may need.

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