Morrisons Online Assessment – Free Questions and Answers [2023]

An assessment designed for Morrisons by test provider Amberjack that measures numerical and verbal abilities + behavioral traits.

The Morrisons Online Assessment (aka Morrisons Interactive Evaluation) combines numerical, verbal, SJT and video interview questions to create your overall profile in around 50 minutes. The assessment is usually sent to candidates immediately after their application, and passing it is a must if you want to move on in the hiring process.

This page offers inside information on the assessment and free practice questions (with answers).

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Basic Details

25 questions
Numerical, Verbal, SJT
Morrisons Online Assessment Test Invitation

What Is the Morrisons Online Assessment?

The Morrisons Interactive Evaluation is a 25-questions online assessment that measures candidates’ cognitive abilities and expected behaviors. The assessment is conducted by test provider Amberjack (weareamberjack) and is the initial screening stage for candidates applying to graduate/intern/manager positions with Morrisons.

This is how it will look like on your candidate screen on Morrisons’s carrers website:

Morrisons Online Assessment Main Screen

Test Structure and Question Format

The Morrisons Online Assessment contains 25 questions, divided into 4 types:

  • Situational Judgment – 12 questions
  • Numerical Reasoning – 5 questions
  • Verbal Reasoning – 5 questions
  • Video Interview – 3 questions

The questions are not clustered into topics but are “mixed” throughout the assessment. See the Test Interface section for more information.

The assessment is untimed and will reasonably take around 45-50 minutes to complete.

Let’s cover each of the question types in the assessment in detail, with samples.

You will find answers and explanations to all questions, as well as more practice questions in the Free Practice section.

Situational Judgment

This type of question constitutes nearly half of the assessment, with 12 out of 25 questions.

In this type of question, you are presented with a short work-related scenario, and 4 possible responses. Your task is to choose the most appropriate and least appropriate responses.

Morrisons Online Assessment Situational Judgment 3

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning questions in the Morrisons Assessment are structured as emails from colleagues containing numerical data in graphs and tables, followed by a question. These questions have 4 optional answers, only one of which is correct.

Your task is to analyze the data and provide your fictional colleague with an answer.

Pro Tip

The numerical reasoning questions of the Morrisons Assessment often use information overload to distract you. See some examples in the Free Practice section.

Morrisons Online Assessment Numerical 1

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning questions are similar in structure to numerical ones (email with data and a question). This time, however, the data is given as a short text. These questions have 3 optional answers, only one of which is correct.

Morrisons Online Assessment Verbal 2

Video Interview

In the video interview questions of the Morrisons Interactive Evaluation you will be requested to video record your answer to 3 rather standard interview questions.

Test Invitation

The test invitation will be sent to you by email from Morrisons HR immediately after you complete your application. It will include a link to the assessment leading to test provider Amberjack’s website.

Note that it will also include a link to several sample questions. It’s easy to miss that link, so pay attention.

Morrisons Online Assessment Test Invitation

Test Interface

The Morrisons Online Assessment is divided into 4 sections:

Sections 1-3

The first 3 sections contain a combination of situational judgment, numerical, and verbal questions. Each section includes:

  • 4 situational judgment questions
  • 1-2 numerical questions
  • 1-2 verbal questions

A brief video presenting life as a Morrisons employee will appear before each section. You may skip these videos if you like. You may use a calculator for the numerical questions.

Section 4

After completing the first three sections, you will be able to take a short break, after which you will be presented with 3 interview questions.

You can prepare your answers for as long as you like but will have only 2 minutes to record your response.

Head over to the Free Practice section to check out some free sample questions and answers, adapted from the Morrisons Online Assessment.

Free Morrisons Online Assessment Practice

This free practice is intended to get you familiar with the types of questions you will encounter on the Morrisons Assessment, and resemble questions on the actual test in format, content, and level of difficulty.

The test contains 8 questions and is untimed.

Good luck!

Question 1

Morrisons Online Assessment Numerical 1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 2.

To find the IceBerg’s revenue as a percentage of all three brands, we will:

  1. Sum up the monthly revenue of each brand.
  2. Sum up the total revenue of all three brands.
  3. Find the percentage of each brand of this total.

Results are shown in the table below:

Month Fortescue IceBerg Munchkin
Jan 140 90 50
Feb 210 100 120
ar 130 50 110
Apr 200 70 130
May 150 110 220
Jun 170 30 100
Jul 200 20 90
Aug 160 20 80
Sep 90 60 80
Oct 110 80 60
Nov 80 120 70
Dec 70 100 50
Total 1,710 850 1,160

IceBerg’s revenue (850) accounts for approximately 22.8% of the total revenue of all three brands (1,710 + 850 + 1,160).

Question 2

Morrisons Online Assessment Numerical 2

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 1.

While this question contains a lot of information, most of it is irrelevant. What interests us is the overall cost of each training program.

That can be calculated as follows:

Overall Cost = 125 x [Cost per Employee] x [1 – Discount] + [Registration Fee]

Results are shown in the table below:

Program Cost for Employees Registration Fee Total
Storytelling 125 x $170 = $17,000 $5,000 $22,000
UX/UI 125 x $200 = $21,250 $2,500 $23,750
A/B Testing 125x $185 = $23,125 $2,500 $25,625

So, Storytelling training is the cheapest option at $22,000.

Question 3

Morrisons Online Assessment Verbal 1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 1.

According to the text:

Over the past two decades…senior management increasingly viewemotional intelligence as crucial for effective leadership and have made these skills a key requirement in their search for candidates.”

The word “increasingly” indicates that senior management view emotional intelligence as more crucial for effective leadership than twenty years ago.

Question 4

Morrisons Online Assessment Verbal 2

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 3.

According to the text: “…transformations also require the commitment and involvement of the entire organization to prevail – managers and employees alike.

Hence, a digital transformation imposed by senior management will likely be unsuccessful, according to the text. Similarly, a transformation which leaves senior management behind (as in answer 4) is also likely to fail.

Question 5

Morrisons Online Assessment Situational Judgment 1

Answer and Explanation

Most: D

Least: B

Response D shows good teamwork and cooperation, when you are willing to go out of your way to help your team members. Note that from the way that the scenario is presented, it is clear that the focus is on team performance, and not on personal performance.

Responses A and B are less effective, as they are selfish. You prioritize your own success and reputation over the team. Response B is, however, least desirable, as you do not take any special effort to address the situation at hand. In response A you at least show high motivation to get your own work done.

Response C is also less effective. While it is proactive, it offers no solution to the problem, and mostly focuses on “whom to blame”.

Question 6

Morrisons Online Assessment Situational Judgment 2

Answer and Explanation

Most: B

Least: D

Response A is counterproductive. It lays the blame on your colleague instead of understanding how YOU could have handled the situation better.

Response C is not much better than A, in that sense. While you do not mention Jack’s name, and adopt a more polite style, your basic point is still refusing to take responsibility and learning from experience.

Responses B and D show that you take the manager’s feedback into consideration. However, there is a major difference.

While in response B you show real responsibility and will to learn and improve, in response C you only pay lip service to your manager’s feedback and mostly care about your reputation.

Question 7

Morrisons Online Assessment Situational Judgment 3

Answer and Explanation

Most: D

Least: B

Response A is passive and is mostly intended to clear the obstacle of your way. That’s because the minority’s opinion is ignored while it may be the better solution for the project’s quality.

Response B may show a realistic approach, but it fails to meet the  deadline, and therefore, fail the overall task.

Response C, while it may initially seem effective, shows lack of cooperation, as you eventually make the decision on your own.

Response D is aimed at hearing everyone’s views to find a reasonable compromise within deadline constraints.

Question 8

Morrisons Online Assessment Situational Judgment 4

Answer and Explanation

Most: C

Least: D

Responses A and D show lack of accountability and ownership of the project. By delegating the task to the delivery managers you shake off your own responsibility for the project. Between the two, D is worse, as it also means that deadline is not met.

Response B represents the “minumum necessary effort” method and does not show any real concern to solve the problem.

Response C shows an actual effort to make the best of the situation, taking other views into account and still meeting the deadline.

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