Wells Fargo Teller Online Assessment – Complete Guide and Free Practice [2024]

A Virtual Job Tryout assessment that measures candidates’ fit to the traits and skills required from a bank teller.

The Wells Fargo Teller Assessment uses various scenarios from the banking industry to assess your fit for a teller position – including client transactions, job-related behavioral scenarios, and a personality questionnaire.

This guide provides a comprehensive, accurate overview of the test with free sample questions and answers.

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Basic Details

99 questions
Calculation, error checking, personality
Untimed (but time is measured)
5 sections
Wells Fargo Teller Test Invitation

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What Is Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment?

The Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment is a pre-employment test used to assess the skills required to work as a bank teller. The test is the first step in Wells Fargo’s hiring process.

The test is a Virtual Job Tryout test (a test simulating the actual work of a bank teller) and is designed and administered by test provider ModernHire. It contains 99 questions across 5 sections that assess the following traits:

  • Customer service orientation
  • Error checking
  • Quick and accurate calculation
  • Personal and professional background
  • Personality profile

In the section below we describe in detail how each of these traits is measured.

Test Structure and Question Format

The 5 sections of Wells Fargo Bank Teller Online Assessment are:

  • Deliver the Client Experience (7 questions in 7 minutes)
  • Process Client Transactions Part 1 (4 questions in 6 minutes)
  • Process Client Transactions Part 2 (3 questions in 5 minutes)
  • Tell Us Your Story (17 questions, untimed)
  • Describe Your Approach (68 questions, untimed)

Let’s describe each of these sections with sample questions.

In the Free Practice section, you will find additional questions with answers and explanations.

Deliver the Client Experience

The Deliver the Client Experience section contains 7 questions, with an expected solving time of 7 minutes.

Each question contains a brief work-related scenario with 4 possible responses. You should choose 2 responses – how you are MOST and LEAST likely to respond.

Sample Question

Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment Section 1 Sample 2

Pro Tip

The sections in the Wells Fargo Assessment are officially untimed. However, your score will take your solving speed into account – the faster, the better.

Process Client Transactions Part 1

The Process Client Transaction Part 1 section contains 4 questions with an expected solving time of 6 minutes.

Each question presents you with an image of a bank document such as a check or a deposit request. Below the image you will be given 4 data items, and you will need to quickly and accurately verify if these items match the image (Match) or not (Error).

Sample Question

Wells Fargo Teller Assessment Section 2 Part 1 Sample

Process Client Transactions Part 2

The following section contains 3 questions with an expected solving time of 5 minutes.

Each question presents you with a scenario describing a client’s transaction made in cash. You will need to calculate the lowest number of bills and coins you should give the client quickly and accurately.

You are allowed to use a calculator and scratch paper for this section.

Sample Question

Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment Section 3 Sample 2

Pro Tip

The transaction scenarios in the Process Client Transactions Part 2 section will usually contain additional conditions (e.g., “the client wants $30 in $10 bills”.)

Tell Us Your Story

The Tell Us Your Story section is a biodata questionnaire with 17 questions. This section does not measure your speed.

This section aims to create an image of your background and on-the-job behavior, and will include questions about your professional experience, your performance and behavior on your last job, etc.

Describe Your Approach

The fifth and last section – Describe Your Approach, is a personality profiling questionnaire. Through its 68 questions, this questionnaire is intended to measure whether your personality matches the desired traits for a bank teller.

Each question presents you with two conflicting statements, and you will need to choose which of the two better describes you.

Sample Question

Delta Airlines VJT Section 6 Sample Question 3

Pro Tip

This test section uses a mechanism known as “forced choice” that does not allow candidates to mark “neutral” responses. This will force you to reveal both your strengths AND weaknesses.

Head over to the Free Practice section to try some sample questions yourself.

Test Invitation

The test invitation will be emailed to you from Wells Fargo immediately after you complete your application.

You will have 5 days to complete the assessment, although Wells Fargo encourages you to take it within 48 hours from receiving the email.

Wells Fargo Teller Test Invitation

Free Wells Fargo Teller Practice Test

This free practice is intended to get you familiar with the 5 sections of the Wells Fargo Online Assessment:

  • How questions look like
  • What types of answers Wells Fargo expects to see.
  • The assessment’s level of difficulty

Try working as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

Question 1 (Deliver the Client Experience)

Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment Section 1 Sample 1

Recommended Answer



Let’s review each response.

Response A – Say that unfortunately, new accounts are not part of your job description and that he should ask one of your colleagues about it.

This response is passive and shows poor customer service and accountability. It does not provide the customer with any solution and refers them to another employee for no good reason. While it is important to prioritize tasks, you cannot leave a customer unattended and pass the buck to someone else.

Response B – Provide a brief summary of the process so that the client can decide how he wants to proceed.

This response is most effective – it addresses the issue quickly and provides the client with enough information to carry out the rest of the process himself. It may not be ideal, but given the conditions, it is the best solution you can currently provide.

Response C – Say that you are not able to fully address the issue because many other clients are waiting. Briefly prepare some printed material for the client to review.

This response is ineffective and also leaves the client with no proper treatment. It demonstrates impatience as you prefer the client to do the work on his own rather than taking the time to provide a solution.

However, since this response provides some assistance, it is not as ineffective as Response A.

Response D – Kindly ask the client to take a seat and wait for several minutes, until you can provide him with a satisfactory answer.

This response is modestly effective – by reassuring the client you will be personally available to him in a reasonable amount of time, you demonstrate patience and willingness to help.

However, since this response does not offer any immediate solution to the client’s problem, it not as effective as Response B.

Question 2 (Process Client Transactions Part I)

Wells Fargo Teller Assessment Section 2 Part 1 Sample

Answer and Explanation

  • Routing No.Error
  • Account No.Error
  • Check No.Match
  • Check AmountMatch

Question 3 (Process Client Transactions Part II)

Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment Section 3 Sample

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is:

7 bills of $20, 7 bills of $10, 3 bills of $1.

2 coins of 10¢, 4 coins of


First, we will put the $60 in $10 bills aside.

  • $10 – 6 bills

We are left with $153.24.

The least number of bills and coins we can provide goes as follows:


  • $20 – 7 bills ($140)
  • $10 – 1 bill ($10)
  • $5 – 0 bills
  • 1$ – 3 bills ($3)


  • 25¢ – 0 coins
  • 10¢ – 2 coins (20¢)
  • 5¢ – 0 coins
  • 1¢ – 4 coins (4¢)

Question 4 (Describe Your Approach)

Delta Airlines VJT Section 6 Sample Question 2

How to Approach This Question?

Bank tellers are constantly required to address clients’ requests and complaints, maintaining calmness, agreeableness, and good service.

While stating that people never annoy you may sound unrealistic, remember that your fit will not be based on responses to particular statements, but based on the overall scoring for the relevant personality trait (scale).

For instance, choosing “Most” on the right-hand side statement will give you a high score in the agreeableness scale, which is a good idea. However, a score that is unreasonably high may indeed seem unrealistic, and that is expected to be reflected in your profile.

Pro Tip

On the “Describe Your Approach” section, your score is calculated based on the overall profile of your responses, and not based on answers to particular statements. As such, your responses are expected to form a behavioral profile that both fits the flight attendant job but is also realistic and consistent.

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